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As a scout, you belong to an elite group of critical thinkers and problem solvers. Here’s what it takes.

  • Survey Questions

    Answer Questions

    Show off your unique perspective by answering multiple choice and short answer questions.
  • Capture moments with your iOS or Android device

    Share Photos and Videos

    Don’t just tell — show. Share photos and videos from your iPhone or Android device to capture in-the-moment experiences wherever you go.
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    Influence Top Brands

    Have a direct impact on industry-leading companies that matter to you.
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    Get Rewarded

    Get paid in dollars, gift cards and the satisfaction of being the first to know about the Next Big Thing.
Current opportunities in the dscout app for iOS and Android

Scouts work with some of the world’s best companies to solve tough problems.

  • Top Scout: Scott Wise | dscout
    “So many products and services I use every day feel like they were created in a vacuum. Being a scout allows me to influence the way companies solve problems, and allows me to share my understanding of what’s important in a solution.” Scott Wise Stillwater, OK
  • Top Scout: Andrew Liang | dscout
    “Being a scout gives me the opportunity to reflect on things around me and express what I feel in a way that counts. It’s a way for me to contribute to the common good, too!” Andrew Liang Silver Spring, MD
  • Top Scout: Jessica Moreno | dscout
    “I’ve gone on missions about playing with my dog, health and fitness, DIY projects, and plenty more! I like to carefully schedule pretty much everything I do, and being a scout fits right into that.” Jessica Moreno Hoffman Estates, IL
  • Top Scout: Lindsay Amoroso | dscout
    “After my first mission I was hooked! No need to drive somewhere or be interviewed over the phone, and I was asked questions that made me feel like I could pour my personality and experiences into the answers.” Lindsay Amoroso Brighton, MA

  • Launched Missions 12,000
  • Total Scouts > 100K
  • Rewards Paid > $2.5M

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